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2016 Houston Dash Season Preview: Best offseason move

What was the best offseason move by the Dash? We asked our Dash experts.

Todd Korol/Getty Images

The NWSL season is almost here so to prepare we gathered all of our Houston Dash writers to ask them about the offseason, the upcoming 2016 season and more. Each day this week we will release a new question or two that we had our staffers answer.

What was the best offseason move by the Dash?

: Drafting Janine Beckie, duh.

Shana: Picking the absolute best move by the Dash during the offseason is a hard choice because so many great moves were made to set up the success of the 2016 season. One of the most prominent moves, in my opinion, was definitely drafting Janine Beckie. Beckie will definitely make waves in the NWSL pool on the Dash's end. The pick-up of Denise O'Sullivan, Rachel Daly, and Lydia Williams will prove to have been amazing as well, but if I had to choose the absolute best move it would be the drafting of Janine Beckie.

Daniel: Chimoa Ubogagu. The late November addition of Ubogagu felt like an early Christmas present. Ubogagu brings chemistry to the Dash lineup having played alongside new Dash teammates Cari Roccaro, Morgan Brian and Ohai with the United States in the 2012 U-20 Women's World Cup. A proven goal scorer, Ubogagu was a central figure for the Arsenal Ladies and adds depth to an already talented forward core.

Trista: I think move wise, anything good defense acquisition was a good move for the Dash. The recent signing of Rebecca Moros from the Western New York Flash could be a great sign; Moros has a proven record and could stabilize the shaky back line of Houston. There have been several other defensive players brought in that could help that plan.

I'm also excited that the Dash welcomed forward Melissa Henderson back after her decision to delay her retirement. I, like Head Coach Randy Waldrum, thinks she'll be important to the Houston attack if and when players are called up in the summer to the Olympics.

Alicia: I think Janine Beckie and Rachel Daly are going to be huge for the Dash this season. They both made a difference in their preseason game against Portland and I think they continue to do so this season.

Dash fans, what do you think was the best offseason move?