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2016 Houston Dash Season Preview: Who will surprise this season?

We asked our Dash writers who they think will surprise this season.

Trask Smith

The NWSL season is almost here so to prepare we gathered all of our Houston Dash writers to ask them about the offseason, the upcoming 2016 season and more. Each day this week we will release a new question or two that we had our staffers answer.

What player do you think will surprise this season?

Meg: I'm going to go with Henninger. She's not McLeod by any means, but she had some great games last year. I know she's up against Australia's Lydia Williams for the #1 spot, but if given a chance I think she could shine for the Dash.

Shana: After making her debut last season for the Dash, scoring her first NWSL goal against FCKC, and being named Dash's Defender of the Year I think it's Ellie Brush's turn to surprise fans. With huge names being gone from the roster this season, it's someone else's time to shine on the defense and I'm confident that Brush will be just what Houston needs on defense.

Daniel: Rachel Daly. Maybe she's not a name Dash supporters are quite familiar with yet, but soon  enough they will be. Daly had an exceptional college career for St. John's University scoring 19 goals in her senior season and is a promising addition to Houston's already stellar attack. If the English international can repeat her colligate success in the NWSL, her name will be on the ballot for Rookie of the Year.

Rachel Daly (St John's)

Rachel Daly Photo Credit St John’s University

Trista: Honestly, there's not one that comes immediately to mind when I think about it. I've stared at the 2016 roster and just can't think of one.

Alicia: I think Rachel Daly is going to be huge for the Dash this season. In preseason she looked like she will pair well with Ohai which is something that this team has been struggling to find since day 1.

Who do you think will surprise this season?