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Pick the Dynamo Lineup against the LA Galaxy

Who do you want to see start against the LA Galaxy?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Dynamo have lost 2 and drawn 1 in their previous 3 matches and are hoping to find points at home against the 6th place team in the Western Conference the LA Galaxy. The Dynamo's last outing against the Seattle Sounders was lauded for its possession and attacking oriented first half and was heavily criticized for its complacent and uninspired second half which saw a first half lead equalized by the visiting Sounders in stoppage time.

The Dynamo have had all players practicing which provides Owen Coyle with options. Tyler Deric could provide stability along the backline from his goalkeeping position, though Joe Willis has filled in nicely despite the recent poor results. Players like Sheanon Williams have also had time to work in practice to get 90 minutes fit, though right back Jalil Anibaba had his best game of his Dynamo career in his place against the Sounders. What the Dynamo lack may not be personnel, but tactics. They seem to be at their best when they're pressing and attacking, but have failed to hold on to leads when they decide to sit back and defend. Is it poor defensive work from individuals? Is it poor schemes from the coaching staff? Or should they stick to the attacking style that elated fans from the beginning?

My Projected Lineup

This is the way I believe Coyle will line the team up against the Galaxy. I do not believe enough has "gone wrong" for him to dramatically shift personnel, but rather that he's focusing on marking assignments and other tactics. There are arguments to be made that the Dynamo have not been the scoring team that it was a few weeks ago and that players like Erick Torres or Mauro Manotas deserve playing time, but I don't see that radical a shift. Midfielders and defensive players are more likely to be changed to fit Coyle's blueprint against LA if changes are to be made. That could include Agus in central defense, Sheanon Williams somewhere along the defensive line, and David Rocha in central midfield, or Boniek Garcia seeing time ahead of Cristian Maidana. Those aren't predictions or what I'd like to see happen, but rather possibilities Coyle has to work with.

Who do you want to see step up and beat the Galaxy? Let us know and share you selections in the comments below!