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How to watch; Dynamo and Dash expanding their TV presence

Recent deals help expand viewer options for the Dynamo and the Dash.

When I grow up, I want a TV about that size
When I grow up, I want a TV about that size
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As much as we all love our Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash, we sadly can't make it to every game they play. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to travel around following every Houston sports team but there's this thing called a job and people called "family" who for some reason, actually want me home. Thankfully we live in a time of television and internet video streaming.

Recently both clubs have announced deals to increase their visibility to those of us that can't see every game in person. Let's break things down by team.


In March the Dynamo announced another deal with Root Sports to broadcast most of their games live. I was originally critical of the deal since many adults under 40 are quickly cutting cable and opting for an antenna and online streaming option, I was happy to see the local club getting some notice from the cable sports community (at least it isn't ESPN the Ocho). The next day the Dynamo announced a partnership with UniMas for four Spanish language broadcasts. While I don't speak anything but English, Texas English, and a few words in German, Russian and Spanish, this at least gives us another way to see the games. I've also heard (but can't confirm) you can use that SAP button that most of us ignore to get an English commentary once the game begins.

Most recently the Dynamo announced a deal with KUBE TV. Now THIS is the type of deal that has the potential to grab that younger crowd I referenced earlier. For now the deal only covers two Dynamo games, the first of which is this Saturday, April 23rd against the Columbus Crew SC. Hopefully we can drive up some viewership for KUBE to entice them to have even more games next season.

The legal online option is the beloved (said in jest) MLS Live. This is a great service for those 3 games the league doesn't blackout from streaming live. It also lets you watch any game 48 hours after it finishes. So while the rest of us were questioning our sanity after the Dynamo lost to the LA Galaxy, MLS Live subscribers could go rewatch the 5-0 thumping our boys did against FC Dallas. If you don't live in the Houston area then this is a great way to follow the team.


The Dash have been building up steam along with the entire NWSL. Recently the NWSL announced a deal with Fox Sports 1 to broadcast six of their games this season, including one Dash game on September 25th. Technically there will be at least two Houston games included in this deal since the NWSL recently announced their championship game will be held right here in Houston.

OK let's stop for just a moment. We can't just gloss over that last sentence in the paragraph above. Go back and read it again, I'll wait. THE NWSL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME WILL BE IN HOUSTON!!!! The top two women's teams (Assuming it'll be the Dash and whomever will lose to the Dash in that game) will play at BBVA Compass Stadium on October 9th for the NWSL Championship which will be broadcast live to a national audience on Fox Sports 1

Moving on...

Another way to watch the Dash is to stream it on their YouTube channel. I caught their game this past weekend and really enjoyed how easy it was to stream the game. You can even catch the game thread here on Dynamo Theory and comment along with other fans during the game.

Here's a current list of Dynamo and Dash games that should be available (as of 4/20/2016) to watch live on your big screen.


KUBE TV: April 23 at the Columbus Crew SC, October 8 vs Colorado Rapids

UniMas: July 2 Philadelphia Union, August 13  Toronto FC, August 27 FC Dallas and September 24 Portland Timbers FC

Root Sports: Most, if not all, other Dynamo games this season


Fox Sports 1: September 25 vs Seattle Reign FC

Want to see more Dynamo and Dash games on TV? The best way to do that is to get their viewing numbers up. If enough people watch these games the stations will notice and will definitely remember that when it's time to negotiate these broadcast deals next season.