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Houston Dynamo Player Ratings vs. D.C. United

The Dynamo are currently undefeated, but without a win, in the Wade Barrett era as they couldn’t get 3 points out of a depleted D.C. United side despite a late push for a goal in their 0-0 draw.

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Quick Thoughts:

1) The Dynamo didn't really mount their pressure until the final moments of the game and it was too little too late. The team had generated chances throughout the game, but struggled to get efforts on target.

2) While the defense performed ably, likely due to many DC attacking players not playing in this game, the offense lacked bite. Will Bruin was more involved in this game than he had been in others, but the team needed to get forward more together. A lot of the attacking looked too patient which allowed DC to easily maneuver themselves to get in the way of shots.

3) The Dynamo were the better side in this game which is why this draw feels like a loss in many ways (also because we're desperate for points). This team is at its absolute best when they utilize a high press which pens teams in their own half. This DC squad would have been ideal to use these tactics against, but we didn't see it too often until late in the 2nd half.

Houston Dynamo Player Ratings

Tyler Deric (6.5) -€” Tyler Deric really wasn't tested against a DC side missing many of its usual forward group, but Deric was able to lead his defense to a shut out by coming up with some saves in nervous moments.

DaMarcus Beasley (6.5) -€” Was effective at getting up the field at times including one very long run that nearly led to a goal for the Dynamo, but his through pass by Chaco Maidana was over hit and Beasley's cross was less effective than he would've liked. Beasley had more touches on the ball than any other player and passed accurately for an outside back.

David Horst (5) -€” Horst didn't have a poor game by any means, but he simply didn't impact the game the way he usually does. A lot of that has to do with the lack of potency in the D.C. United offense so Horst sat in a bit, but his passing from the back was not very good and he needs to be careful dribbling into the midfield.

Raul Rodriguez (6.5) -€” Like Horst, defensively Rodriguez sat in a bit, but unlike Horst Rodriguez was actively supporting the offense. Rodriguez moved the ball more effectively, added 3 shots for the Dynamo -€” usually as a set piece target, and he recovered the ball in our half of the field well.

Jalil Anibaba (4.5) -€” Was able to block a shot from the top of the box just after the 30 minute mark and created chances when he got forward. The problem was he got caught too high up the field at times when he needed to stay home and help defend which meant Andrew Wenger often had to hold his runs in order to provide cover for Anibaba.

Ricardo Clark (7) -€” Although Clark didn't see too many touches for a CM, he moved the ball pretty well through the midfield and managed to create key passes for teammates and shots for himself. Defensively he held it down with his tackling and halted many DC attacks before they got into our half of the field.

Oscar Boniek Garcia, MotM, (7) -€” Boniek looked ready to take just about anyone on in this game. He passed extremely well for a central midfielder at over 90% despite taking the 2nd most touches on the team and he was able to create 5 key passes to set up chances for teammates. Boniek also drew an incredible 7 fouls and he contributed 2 tackles and 2 intercepted passes on the defensive end.

Collen Warner (6) -€” I've liked the Warner experiment so far because it's afforded Ricardo Clark to crash the opponent's 18 yard box more frequently which gives the Dynamo another offensive tool to utilize. That being said, there are still facets to Warner's game that need improvement. While Warner excels with his positioning, his tackling leaves a lot to be desired as he can come in too heavy and easily fouls players.

Cristian Maidana (6.5) -€” Chaco has worked pretty well as a left midfielder/winger. He continues to pass well, create chances alongside Boniek Garcia and DaMarcus Beasley, and he's unselfish to the point where sometimes he needs to take players on himself. Still, there are times when he doesn't make the right pass as he wants to continue linking along the side line and his defensive effort is very lacking.

Andrew Wenger (5) -€” Wenger had a chance to put the Dynamo ahead in the first half, but he pulled his shot just wide. While Wenger's opportunities moving up the field were sometimes limited because he held his runs to support the defense (which allowed Wenger to make one really big defensive play in this game), the times he did get forward were not productive. He's excellent at taking players on the dribble, but his passing game needs work as he passed below 50%.

Will Bruin (5.5) -€” I think Barrett understands that the team needs to get Bruin involved in the game and that requires getting the ball to him and supporting him. Bruin looked a lot more active than he had in previous fixtures on the road and he even had the closest chance of the match as his half-volley from distance struck the side of the goal post.

The Subs:

Alex (6) -€” Alex came on in the 68th minute for Maidana and he immediately inserted some needed energy into the side by pressing DC higher into their own half and creating a shot that glanced off the side netting.

Leonel Miranda (5.5) -€” Provided a bit of width for the Dynamo when he came on in the 74th minute for Andrew Wenger. Miranda passed very accurately and even provided some defensive cover.

Mauro Manotas (6) -€” Came on for Bruin in the 78th minute and quickly utilized his speed to generate a shot on target for himself, but the effort was easily saved by DC Goalkeeper Bill Hamid.

Coach Wade Barrett (6) -€” It was interesting to see that this lineup did not change from his previous XI against Dallas given the international break. Perhaps it could have changed with Giles Barnes in the picture, something we'll see how Barrett addresses on Sunday. Instead of an emphasis on an XI, he's put pressure on players to perform in their roles. That's included pushing Maidana out wide and allowing Clark freedom to push higher up the pitch. This team is at its best when it presses high and I don't think we really did that effectively until the Alex substitution. While Barrett is currently undefeated as a coach, he's still hungry for his first MLS win.