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US fall in Copa America third place game against Colombia

The US just can't seem to beat Colombia.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

The United States' Copa America run has officially ended after the final whistle blew in the third place game on Saturday against Colombia. They lost frustratingly by a score of 1-0, getting plenty of chances on goal and playing like the better team for most of the match, but they couldn't find a way to beat those floppy, unsportsmanlike Colombians. Carlos Bacca deflected a Santiago Arias header past Tim Howard in the 31st-minute for the winning goal.

It was a much better performance for the US compared to the absolute disaster that was the semifinal, but it somehow wasn't good enough to beat those Colombians, who the US lost to in the group stage and in Olympic qualifiers as well.

Bobby Wood hit the post in the 62nd-minute and Clint Dempsey had a magnificent free-kick saved by a reaching David Ospina. Those were the US's best chances of the game, although they had plenty more that they squandered away. Juan Cuadrado had one of Colombia's biggest chances in the 60th-minute when he hit the crossbar on an attempted chip of Howard. Aside from that and a couple good saves from the US keeper, Los Cafeteros didn't threaten nearly as much as the Americans did.

Late in the game, US left back Michael Orozco received a red card for punching a Colombian player in the face. Shortly after that, Arias was sent off as well, lowering each side to ten men for the final minute of second half stoppage time. Despite a slew of fake injuries, obvious flops and overall disgraceful play from Colombia, Uruguayan referee Daniel Fedorczuk did not allow the US any additional time from the five minutes originally added on.

The focus now turns to the Copa America final on Sunday between Argentina and Chile.