Something to Play For

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The Dynamo are not having the type of season any of us wanted or expected. More than a quarter of the way into the season and the Dynamo are sitting at last place in the league, have lost their head coach and are having real issues with finding any consistency or direction on or off the field.

But I’m not here to doomsay the club or air my grievances about all the things wrong with the Dynamo. No, in light of the teams recent road successes (hey, points are points) and getting out from under the dark cloud of Owen Coyle, I want to keep the good vibes and momentum going as we move into this break.

So, I bring a message of hope to the Dynamo faithful. All is not lost, this team still has something to play for and a realistic opportunity to win hardware this year.

At this point you are probably screaming at me to take off my Orange colored glasses or wondering if I have recently suffered some sort of head trauma. Let me assure you neither of these are the case. No I am not suggesting the Dynamo are going to make some sort of magical run or that Barrett is going to lead them into the playoffs and bring home a third MLS cup. No, that ship has long since sailed. What they do have is the USOC that kicks off for the Dynamo next week against San Antonio.

Historically this club has at best utilized the Open Cup as an opportunity to get some bench players minutes and at worst has completely written it off and ignored it. But this year the Dynamo are in a unique position to change that mentality. I think the Open Cup gives the Dynamo a chance to salvage what is quickly becoming a wasted season. It also is an opportunity for the FO to give Barrett a tangible goal to accomplish to really evaluate his ability to create a winning team. It gives Barrett something that he can rally the team around and maybe Open Cup success helps them turn around their league results as well.

Like in other Domestic cup competitions around the globe this is the season within the season. It’s a fresh slate and the Dynamo have an opportunity to adjust their season priorities and say we are going to win this cup. I’ll admit I bring this up for selfish reasons. I don’t like rooting for a loser. It is hard to generate excitement for regular season MLS matches knowing that they have very little chance of making it to the playoffs. So I want something to root for and while El Capitan is nice, filling that trophy case is better.

So take heart Dynamo fans and let’s pack BBVA for these Open Cup matches and rally as a fan base around our one real shot to win a trophy this year. Supporters groups set the tone by showing up in mass. Your drums and chants are the heartbeat of the fan base, show them the truth of Rudy T’s words that "you can never underestimate the heart of a Champion." Because while it may have been a while now, this is a Championship organization. Show the team, coaching staff (at least what’s left of it) and FO that we want a champion. Paint the Open Cup Black & Orange and give a big F.U. to Owen Coyle across the pond by doing what he obviously wasn’t capable of.

Bring that winning culture back to the Dynamo.

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