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The Bull & Its Horns: Irving Shines In Shutout, Toros Look To Get Three Vs.OKC

Following their long layoff, defense was king in a 0-0 draw with Sacramento. They face OKC Energy at home this week.

Callum Irving has been on fire in goal for the Toros, posting his third straight clean sheet.
Callum Irving has been on fire in goal for the Toros, posting his third straight clean sheet.
Onydia Garza

Callum & Crew Notch Another Clean Sheet

For the fourth straight match, the Toros did not allow a goal. Unfortunately though, for the third time in their last four matches, they also didn't find the net. It was an unusually exciting scoreless draw with RGVFC keeper Callum Irving turning in some very exciting stops. The Toros had five more shots, but both teams put four on goal, including a late barrage by Sacramento.

Ballin' Bulls: Last Week's Top Three Toros

Dynamo Theory's Man of the Match Callum Irving: The Canadian national team keeper has found a strong form of late in goal for RGVFC. He made 4 saves, including two eye catching ones as the final whistle was near.

Taylor Hunter: The former Houston Dynamo draft pick, Hunter has done well in increased minutes, including a USL Team of the Week performance against Sacramento.

Memo Rodriguez: The most aggressive offensive Toros player, Memo led the team in shots. He continues to be the leader for the RGVFC attack.

Talkin' Toros:

Ivan Magalhaes explains what RGVFC needs to do to best OKC Energy:

"We must continue to be strong defensively and aggressive. We have been playing well, we just need to put the ball in the back of the net."

TJ Casner on how the club can find some goals after being shut out again:

"I think we need to find more creative ways to break teams down both wide and centrally. We're very good at keeping the ball in possession in all areas of the field, but we lack the final pass and finish at a consistent rate. Our possession needs more purpose."

Callum Irving on how confident he is playing right now:

"I'm obviously feeling confident in myself at the moment. It comes with game time, being on the pitch, and just getting more comfortable every day. The guys trust me and give me confidence as well so right now I'm happy with how I'm progressing."

The Good Guys: Rio Grande Valley FC Toros (7-5-8)

The Toros all season have been elite at possessing the ball. They work the ball around comfortably in the back and side to side. They recently have really locked in defensively, posting their fourth straight shutout, as well as earning Taylor Hunter a TOTW appearance. But all season, they have not scored consistently. Other than a 4-0 explosion against Vancouver, they were shutout three matches in July. It will be important for RGVFC to start not just holding the ball or getting into the attacking third, but putting the ball past the keeper. Memo has done a great job trying to put shots on net, but it will need a team effort to become a better scoring team. The forwards must contribute, whether that's Kyle Murphy, Ruben Luna, or someone else, there needs to be a threat there. One dangerous player who may be returning is Jose Escalante, who has been training with the Dynamo while serving a four game USL suspension. It's not clear if he will for sure return to the Valley, but he would provide a huge boost to the front line.

The Bad Guys: OKC Energy FC (8-2-8)

It won't be easy for the Toros to find the net this week either. The visiting OKC Energy FC has the USL's best defense and was also the #1 team on the USL's weekly Power Rankings. In their 19 games played, only 14 shots have tickled the twine, including one in last night's loss to Sacramento Republic. Danni Konig is the team's star offensively, but he hasn't been too efficient with a mere 2 goals on 40 shots. The way both defenses and keepers are playing, I would not be even slightly surprised if this ended in a 0-0 draw, just like when these teams met last July 2nd.