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The Peel joins forces with Dynamo Theory

Dynamo Theory now comes with peel!

Justin and Josh of The Peel
The Peel

Dynamo Theory is joining forces with The Peel!

Readers have long asked us for a podcast and now DT has one. If you didn’t check out The Peel last season you will now be able to find it on Dynamo Theory starting Tuesday.

After yet another loss last season, Justin and Josh found themselves looking for an outlet to vent their frustrations at the current situation and thus The Peel was born. Of course, the number one topic of discussion is the Houston Dynamo, but that's not all the guys cover. They also delve into Dynamo affiliate, Rio Grande Valley FC and touch on other local Houston soccer teams. The guys will be doing interviews and allowing viewers to asking questions during the show.

So now that we have an awesome podcast what does that mean for DT and The Peel? You’ll still be able to find the guys at all their old haunts but now you’ll also be able to find them on DT. Tuesday nights they will be broadcasting live on the Dynamo Theory Facebook page. Audio from the previous night’s show will be going up on the Dynamo Theory site on Wednesdays.

Be sure and check it out!