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RGVFC Post Season Player Evaluation: Goalkeepers

To begin the year end player evaluations, we look at the Toros goalkeepers.

Borja Angoitia proved to be a capable starting goalkeeper in the USL.
Christian Inoferio

Unlike the Houston Dynamo, RGVFC’s season has been over for a couple weeks now. Last edition, I was able to bring you an incredibly in depth breakdown of the season from head coach Junior Gonzalez. Today, to all the people who have been asking me about it, we begin the 2017 RGVFC Toros player breakdowns from yours truly. This week, we look at the goalkeepers.

GK Borja Angoitia: The Spaniard made 14 appearances this season and came away with two clean sheets. He was relatively steady in his time on the pitch, but it seemed the lack of consistent play time negatively affected Borja.

GK Marco Carducci: He made six appearances on the season and had zero clean sheets. Carducci didn’t play well in his rare appearances and was third on the pecking order behind Borja and Houston Dynamo keeper Calle Brown.

GK Calle Brown (Signed to the Dynamo): When he was loaned down from the first team, Brown was typically a calming, confident presence between the sticks. He led the Toros with five clean sheets. Out of the ordinary, Calle made two very big blunders, allowing a pair of goals in the final matches of the season.

Looking Forward

Borja proved he can be a decent USL goalkeeper, when given the chance. I’m sure the Toros would be happy to bring him back, but he may be more inclined to find a club where he can truly be the first choice for the majority of matches. After never grabbing hold of a position in his time with Vancouver Whitecaps and Whitecaps 2, Carducci did not impress in limited action for the Toros.

Calle Brown is an interesting situation. The Dynamo could bring him back on another first team contract, but he RARELY gets a chance in Houston. They may let him walk and hope he’s willing to sign a contract with the Toros. If he does, he’d be the first choice keeper and likely a pretty dang good one. RGVFC missed the steady goalkeeping of 2016 stoppers Callum Irving and Devin Perales. If they want to get back to the playoffs, the goalkeeping position will be an important one.