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Echeverry named third coach in RGVFC history

Former Seton Hall head coach Gerson Echeverry was announced as the new Toros manager.

The Toros will have a new head coach for the third straight season, as Houston announced Gerson Echeverry today.
Christian Inoferio

Gerson Echeverry will succeed Junior Gonzalez as Toros manager

As my loyal reader Varus-3 predicted back in the comments section on my 11/9 article, Gerson Echeverry has replaced Junior Gonzalez as the RGVFC head coach. He joins the organization after spending five years in the same position for Seton Hall University, where he coached Toros defender Kai Greene.

Like Gonzalez, Echeverry has a history with Houston Dynamo head coach Wilmer Cabrera. He was an assistant coach under Cabrera with the US U-17 national team and helped bring in and scout players in the system. Before his coaching career, he played in MLS and in the top division in Colombia.

In regards to the qualifications I expected the organization would target during the search, Gerson checks all the boxes. He speaks fluent Spanish and his familiarity with Wilmer will allow for vertical integration, which is imperative for player development.

Echeverry will work with the Dynamo front office to make determinations of the 2017 Toros roster, deciding who to bring back, and search to bring in new talent.