Predictions and Wishes by Ellie

It's nearly here! The start of a new season, with all the hopes and dreams that come with it. Unfortunately for some clubs, those dreams will become nightmares. How will the Dynamo fare - dream or nightmare?

First, I do see us making the playoffs this year. Settling in at 4th or 5th place in the western conference. I don't see us making MLS Cup, but being wrong about that would make me happy.

The beginning of the season will be erratic - there will be games when we look fantastic and others where we look like we're auditing for a KeyStone Kops re-make. But after the Gold Cup, the team will settle down and become more consistent.

This will be a make or break season for Cubo Torres. He has to start scoring goals and getting assists because with an eager Manotas waiting on the bench, there is no margin left.

My wish is that when we play Montreal, there is a a three way sprint between Oduro, Elis, and Quioto. Just don't blink or you'll miss it!

I predict that none of the "all knowing" soccer pundits will pick the Dynamo to do anything other than languish at the bottom of the table. For some reason they stubbornly hang on to the theory that what happened last year is an indication of what will happen this year. And every year they are wrong.

I wish that MLS and their broadcast partners would provide the option of watching games without commentary - just the sounds of the game. As you could probably tell, I use my mute button a lot during the season.

Saturday can't come soon enough!

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