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The Peel Episode 24: Red, White and Blue Body Paint

It’s ‘Murica Time! The Peel talks USMNT action and of course talk Dynamo soccer. The guys are also joined by Carson Merk to talk RGVFC.

It's 'Murica time! The guys from The Peel slather on some red, white and blue body paint to discuss the USMNT blow out of Honduras and the upcoming match versus Panama. But underneath it all Josh and Justin are still orange and get down to business talking the upcoming Houston Dynamo versus the New York Red Bulls game and the first loss of the season against the Portland Timbers.

The Peel will also have their first "Down in The Valley" segment with Carson Merk who covers RGVFC for Dynamo Theory and has a weekly article, "The Bull and it's Horns", which drops every Wednesday morning. Then the guys are joined by Jeff from the American Outlaws Houston.

Special Thanks to Alexi Lalas for letting us use "American Outlaw" found on his 2016 release "Shots."