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Dynamo 2, Sounders 1: Quick Thoughts and Rate the Players

How did the players perform against the Seattle Sounders?

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Normally Player Ratings are something that I do on my own, but I encouraged everyone to voice their opinions because it’s difficult to effectively rate performances simply because we all watch games differently. Websites like WhoScored are fantastic because they provide a statistical approach to rating, but sometimes that doesn’t quite do the narrative of the game justice (I mean, it’s pretty difficult to score low because of how they value passing and touches). I think everyone should be able to voice their opinion and we can see what, as a Dynamo community, we think of player performances. So in the future, after games I’ll put up a post like this one which will allow everyone to rate on a scale from 1 to 10 how we thought players did.

Now, how I typically rate players is that it’s very difficult to score low and very difficult to score high. Scoring someone a 1 because they made a mistake costing the team a goal ignores some of the things they may have done well in that game. On the other side, just because someone scores a spectacular goal doesn’t make up for potentially dumb fouls, poor passes, and missed opportunities. Basically, try and be fair to performances.

Quick Thoughts about the Game:
1) This is going to be an entertaining team to watch. The way that the Dynamo dominated in the first half was easily one of the best halves they’ve played in some time. I love how Alberth Elis pressures players when he doesn’t have the ball and takes players on when he has it. Romell Quioto is a special player and just seems to pop up in the right place at the right time to score goals (he should’ve at least had a brace but he couldn’t finish a point blank shot).

2) That being said, the 2nd half had me a little bit on edge. We allowed Seattle to gain possession and create chances through Nicolas Lodeiro which is always a dangerous thing to do. In the first half that had limited Lodeiro (though he nearly caught Tyler Deric napping after a corner kick became a close call), but he had far more control in the 2nd half.

3) The goals were spectacular. Cubo Torres’s goal was special because that goal has been a long time coming, and it’s nice to see someone score a free kick goal. It was impressive, but I feel as if Seattle goalkeeper Stefan Frei hadn’t cheated over and had trusted his wall better, he could have saved the kick. But he didn’t. Quioto’s goal was incredible as he sent in a curler towards the corner of the net. He scored a similar goal, though just inside the 18 yard box, expect with his other foot.

4) This win, more than anything else, is about building confidence and moving on from 2016. Winning the Desert Diamond Cup and then beating the MLS Cup champions goes a long way toward proving to the team that they can compete with anybody.

Rate the Players: