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2017 Houston Dash Preview: Best Offseason Move

We asked our staff what the best offseason move for the Dash was.

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The NWSL season is almost here so to prepare we gathered all of our Houston Dash writers to ask them about the offseason, the upcoming 2017 season and more. Each day this week we will release a new question or two that we had our staffers answer.

What was the Dash’s best offseason move?

Daniel: Claire Falknor. Head coach Waldrum understood Houston’s need to bolster their defense and the addition of Falknor represents that. Her experience with the U.S. U-23 team and stint with Bayern in 2016 should prove her ready to fill the left back spot made vacant by the departure of Allysha Chapman. Falknor is also versatile and has the ability to play in a defensive midfield role if needed.

Meg: Not likely the Dash had much control over it, but I would say the best thing is Carli being gone for half the season. This gives the Dash the chance to prove they don't need her on the pitch to win. Considering there were many games last year she was not on her game and should have been subbed but wasn't, I think the move will give other players the opportunity to step up. (Sadly it also means we'll have to listen to commentary revolving around her when she's not there.)

Shana: I think the best move made by the Dash during the offseason was drafting Jane Campbell from Stanford. The team already has phenomenal talent between the sticks with Henninger and Williams, but Campbell will add great depth in the GK roster and be able to learn a lot while being molded for the seasons to come by Henninger and Williams alike.

Alicia: The defense has always been a troubled line for the team and the Dash have struggled to step up their defense. I think adding Claire Falknor is a great move for the Dash. Falknor spent last year with Frauen-Bundesliga team Bayern Munich.

Dash fans, what do you think was the best offseason move?