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The Bull & Its Horns: Toros Get Win #1 Of 2017

RGVFC stops, then scores, a penalty for a 1-0 win over OKC

Jose Escalante was a big part of the Toros’ win over OKC on Saturday. He scored against the Energy last regular season.
Onydia Garza

First Goal, First Win

The match between OKC Energy and RGVFC was not decided by much, but both of the biggest moments went the way of the Toros. Calle Brown stopped a penalty kick in the second half of the scoreless match, before Ruben Luna knocked home a penalty kick of his own. That was all it took for the Toros to come away victorious.

The match also saw a trio of red cards, two to OKC Energy players, one to RGV’s Victor Garza. Jose Escalante had his best match of the season so far, ringing the post on a beautiful long range effort, that could not be followed up on by Emilio Garcia.

Saturday was the first match this season that the Toros were outpossessed. Maybe that’s the formula for success? Not likely.

Ballin’ Bulls:

Dynamo Theory’s Man of the Match Camilo Monroy: Saturday was the debut of the Colombian youngster, and he did not disappoint. His pace gave OKC problems all night, earning a dangerous free kick, and drawing the match winning penalty.

Ruben Luna: The 2016 leading scorer for the Toros opened up this year’s account. Luna converted the penalty, and the only score of the match.

Calle Brown: While RGVFC knocked home their penalty chance, Calle Brown turned away OKC’s opportunity from the spot. The Dynamo keeper, selected to the USL Team of the Week, wasn’t frequently tested, but he was solid when called upon.

Talkin’ Toros:

Calle Brown on stopping the penalty: “It was important, because it changed the momentum of the game in our favor. The PK save for us, and scored PK by Ruben were important for the team’s confidence moving forward.”

The Good Guys: Rio Grande Valley FC Toros (1-2-0)

It was big for the Toros to break through, on the scoreboard, or in the win column. They did both. Now, we will see how the club fares when they return home for the first time since match #1, to face Colorado Springs tonight at H-E-B Park.

The possession style comes and goes a bit more than it did last season, but they are still a tough attack to deal with, and showed with Monroy, they have a gamechanger. His presence will be a big benefit to Luna as well, who will see some defenders’ focuses shifted from him to the young Colombian. Eric Bird was huge again this match, and is proving his worth as a high energy, two way player every single match.

The Bad Guys: Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC (1-0-2)

Colorado Springs has draws in their last two outings, and got a 3-0 forfeit win in Week 1, due to Tulsa using an illegal roster for the “4-0 Tulsa win that never happened.”

The Switchbacks are a tough team to play against, and ended the Toros’ shutout streak last season. They play physically in the midfield, and their backline is consistent. Devala Gorrick, the club’s 2016 USL Goalkeeper of the Year finalist, is gone, so that is a good thing. They also lost three of their top four scorers. But Josh Suggs is back, a defender that is dangerous pushing forward, and they added Chris James, a New Zealand national team midfielder.

The Dirty Details:

Tonight at 7pm

H-E-B Park

RGVFC vs. Colorado Switchbacks FC