Dylan Remick Needs Our Help!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night Dylan scored the goal that started the Dynamo goal-fest. This was his first Dynamo goal and his first MLS goal! Interviewed after the game, he confessed he wasn't sure what to do after scoring and didn't have a goal scoring celebration. This is intolerable and we Dynamo fans must help Dylan find an appropriate goal celebration to use after scoring his next goal!

Personally, I like the simple but elegant airplane that Holden perfected while a Dynamo. Understated but delivers the message - I scored a goal and the sky's the limit. And then there is the more raw but very powerful run toward the sideline screaming like a maniac. Pure force and energy. Adding a jump into the air while pumping the fist is a good accent.

Next there are the scripted routines. I'm not so much a fan of those but done well, they can be very effective. Take Cubo's robot, clean and uncomplicated. Dancing around the end flag is always a crowd pleaser but we would have to see Dylan dance before recommending that one. Elis' panther is a good one as it plays off his nickname and the rocking baby is good when you are welcoming a baby into your family.

There are just so many choices - What goal celebration do you think Dylan should use after his next goal?

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