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The Bull & Its Horns: Toros Start 0-2

RGVFC lost their second match of the season 1-0, this time to Tulsa.

Victor Garza pushes the ball forward in the rain against Tulsa.
Lori Scholl

Another zero loss

Two matches so far this season for RGVFC. Both of them have been lost 1-0 by the Toros, on first half scores by their opposition. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, the Toros have seemed to outplay their opponent for a good portion of the 90+ minutes. Yet, they are still winless after two outings.

Both clubs had decent chances early, with a slight edge probably going to Tulsa. Then, before the half, they were able to do exactly what San Antonio did. They sent a ball from the left side of the box, back to the middle, where a calm finish was all it took for a goal. And again, just like the SAFC match, RGVFC could not answer.

Anytime a shot was on frame for the Toros, it was relatively easily handled by Tulsa’s keeper Bryan Byars. They led the two clubs in possession, and shots.

Ballin’ Bulls: The Top Three Toros

Dynamo Theory’s Man of the Match Kai Greene: The second year fullback had a good overall match, getting involved some in the attack, and making some last second defensive stops. None was bigger than his clear of a cross that looked to be finding an open Tulsa player at the back post.

Emilio Garcia: The Pachuca loanee was a high energy man for the Toros. He did not hesitate to take on defenders, to try and create offense.

Charlie Ward: This week, Ward was able to be more of the player from last year. He moved the ball around, and tried to push the action offensively. He has completed 91% of his passes in the first two matches.

Talkin’ Toros:

Borja Angoitia on what the Toros are doing well, despite the losses:

“I believe the team is playing very good futbol ,and creating good scoring chances, and lots of them. We are just not having the luck our way at the moment. We've had more possession than San Antonio and Tulsa and more shots than both as well, so clearly we are playing very well, we just need to finish our chances. Even though we've lost both games, I think that defensively we are solid as well as San Antonio only had one shot on goal, and I believe Tulsa barely had any as well.”

The Good Guys: Rio Grande Valley FC Toros (0-2-0)

My main takeaway from RGV’s first two matches, is a lack of creativity in the final third. A lot of their shots are ordinary shots from outside the box. Sometimes, it almost seems they get frustrated just passing the ball back and forth, and somebody puts a mediocre shot on frame.

Creativity in the final third is an area that former Toro, and current Houston Dynamo Memo Rodriguez thrived in. He was a great passer in tight areas, and had the ability to beat defenders off the dribble, to open up himself or a teammate. There is a stage between getting the ball into the attacking area, and putting a shot into the back of the net. That is where RGVFC must improve. TJ Casner possesses those skills as well, and I continue to feel he needs to be starting on one of the wings.

The Bad Guys: Oklahoma City Energy FC (0-1-1)

The Toros need revenge against OKC. The Energy eliminated the higher seeded Toros in shocking fashion, overcoming a one goal deficit entering extra time, and leaving the match with a one goal victory. They open this season with a loss, and a draw.

Danni Konig returns for the Energy up top, and Coy Craft is on loan from FC Dallas.

Here are the highlights from their Week 2 draw with Colorado Springs:

The Dirty Details:

4/8 7pm CDT

Taft Stadium