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The Bull & Its Horns: Toros Draw With Los Dos

RGVFC had to settle for split points despite dominating the match.

TJ Casner provided a boost off the bench, but the Toros had to settle for a draw.
Christian Inoferio

An Unwelcome Trend

RGVFC had a clear advantage over LA Galaxy II on Saturday, but they had to settle for less than a win. Unfortunately, this is not the first time it’s happened this season. Early on, they seemed to control matches against San Antonio and Tulsa, only to lose 1-0.

The match against Los Dos showcased a huge Toros’ advantage in possession. They dictated the pace and play from start to finish. After a few narrow misses, Kyle Murphy put home his first goal of the season. The lead would hold, but RGV wasn’t able to add to their advantage. That came back to bite them, when Galaxy II equalized on a blistering counter attack.

With less than ten minutes left, Los Dos had a player sent off, but the Toros could not capitalize. It was a match that RGVFC should have won, but settled for split points. It’s at least better than a loss, right?

Ballin’ Bulls:

Dynamo Theory’s Man of the Match Kyle Murphy: After having good chances littered throughout this season, Murphy finally knocked in his first goal of the year. He was lively on the attack.

Eric Bird: It’s hard to imagine a match this season Bird hasn’t been huge for the club. His energy, effort, and skill have ruled the early parts of this season. He created quality chances for his teammates, and himself. He could have scored the winner on a late opportunity right in front of the keeper that he couldn’t control.

Charlie Ward: Anytime the Toros control possession like they did Saturday, you know Ward led the offense. He was calm and collected on the ball, and made himself available to every player on the pitch needing an open teammate.

Talkin’ Toros:

Kyle Murphy on how the club can turn a dominating performance into a victory: “It comes down to game management. Knowing when to take risks and when to play safe to see out a win.”

The Good Guys: Rio Grande Valley FC Toros (4-3-1)

RGVFC is getting back to dominating the run of play. With the Ward-Jorginho James midfield back together, they control the middle of the park. They still need a little explosiveness from the attack, which could come from a return of Camilo Monroy. The young Colombian is nursing an injury, and will likely be back by their next match. Agus was with the club as he gets back into match shape.

Next up is another off week for the Toros, before they depart on a West Coast road trip. They’ll face Sacramento Republic FC on June 3rd, before playing Reno midweek.