New website is killing participation

I like most people I suspect, like to engage is some discussion on the team here centered around some of the excellent posts by the DT team. However, once the post has been made I think many of us monitor for any new comments and replies to further the discussion. To that end this new design is terrible. As I sit here on the home page I cannot tell if I am logged in. I cannot easily see where new comments can be found. And while there is an indication of new comments, it appears to work about half the time. It is too bad, because this site was/is fun with some great fans. But I find myself coming here less and less as I am not going to open every article I have already read to find out if there is a discussion. Frankly, I am not sure if it is related but he volume of comments seems to have dwindled to nothing and I wonder if this is the cause.

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