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FC Dallas Imposes ‘Privilege Restrictions’ on Houston Dynamo Supporters Groups

FC Dallas is at it again. The Dynamo rival is imposing restrictions on travelling Dynamo SGs.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas has informed Dynamo supporters that they will be imposing “privilege restrictions” against Dynamo supporter groups for “unacceptable behavior” at the May 28, 2017 game between the rivals. The letter which was sent today, and confirmed to be authentic by Corey Roepken on Twitter, stated that RSDs will not be allowed to take flags, banners or instruments in to Toyota Park where Dallas plays. The ban is in effect for the next four games at Toyota Park between the two teams. Additionally, the supporters groups will only be issued 100 tickets in the supporter area during the restriction. Typically, the supporters groups have open access to tickets allowing any number of members to get a ticket if they want to attend the game.

That’s the punishment but what was the crime? It’s a questions that so far no one has a clear answer to. The letter from Dallas claims that they reviewed all ‘relevant reports’ with event staff and the team front office as well as with MLS Soccer Security Agents and MLS Operations. However, the letter did not clarify what was in those reports.

With today’s social media it is hard for bad fan behavior to take place without it ending up on Facebook or Twitter. Most posts calling out bad behavior also come with a video that’s handy for identifying miscreants. Nothing popped up after the game of Dynamo fans misbehaving. Granted that isn’t always the case, fans usually know when they have crossed the line but so far no one seems to know who crossed the line even though the press release claims the bad behavior was before, during and after the game. The game was a 0-0 draw between the two teams so it’s not like anyone came out of the stadium with bragging rights over the game.

FC Dallas attempted to impose restrictions on Dynamo fans back in 2013, but the sanctions were because of fans lighting smoke bombs back in 2011. In the end Dallas walked back from the decision and allowed the SGs to bring in banners and instruments for the games.

The issue is far from dead as the Dynamo will face Dallas two more times this season. Later this month the Dynamo host FC Dallas at BBVA Compass Stadium and in August the Dynamo travel to Toyota Stadium which would be the first time these restrictions would be imposed.

Is it possible that there was enough bad behavior from Dynamo fans to warrant the restrictions? Sure, but it’s also possible FC Dallas is just mad they are really from Oklahoma.