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The Peel Episode 34: Smoke bombs and streamers welcome

A Dynamo supporters group ban from Toyota Stadium....WHY?

Not Safe For Work!! (Due to strong language) After playing to a 0-0 draw against FC Dallas the Dynamo and their traveling fans walked out of Toyota Stadium feeling good with the result. Fast forward 8 days to June 6 when MLS and FC Dallas decided to ban the Dynamo supporters groups for the next for matches in Frisco. This turned into the episode that wouldn’t end but it was worth it. Split into two part you won’t want to miss either part of the show.

Part 1. This has Josh and Justin along with other Dynamo fans fired up. To add some insight The Peel is joined by Corey Roepken from the Houston Chronicle and Dynamo Theory's Alicia Tolar.

Part 2: Eddie Robinson joins the guys to add his insight on the Supporters ban and to talk about how this impacts the supporters culture. We close the show out with Carson Merk and the "Down in the Valley" segment and the "Houston Hoedown."

Part 1

Part 2

Here are all the links that matter:

Alicia’s Dynamo Theory story (

Corey Roepken’s Houston Chronicle story


Texian Army’s Official Statement


Dallas Beer Guardians Burning Houston Dynamo Scarves


YouTube Video:

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