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Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas Preview: All in for El Capitan

Houston and Dallas face off to see who rules Texas.

Houston Dynamo fans
Houston Dynamo fans won’t be allowed to have fans at Toyota Stadium, but that won’t stop them from cheering loud and proud.
Trask Smith

The last couple of years of the Dynamo vs Dallas rivalry had lacked a fire on the field, but this year has shown that the players are feeling the fire (and hate) again. With Houston back in top form (at least at home) this game is more than just ruling Texas with much more on the line.

Houston are currently sitting in third place in the Western Conference while Dallas sits in fifth place. The Western Conference race is a tight one with Houston just three points out of first place and Dallas sits two more points behind them.

Draws Draw

Houston has seriously struggled to win on the road this season so far only nabbing one road win, against DC United, a few weeks ago. The first game between the two in Frisco ended in a 0-0 draw. The second game, played a few weeks later in Houston, included an 80th minute shoving match between Dynamo midfielder Alex and Dallas right back Hernan Gran which capped a 1-1 draw between the two.

After being shown yellow cards against Vancouver this past weekend, AJ DeLaGarza and Juan Cabezas will be serving yellow card suspensions for the game.

Bad Blood

It’s no secret that there is bad blood between these two sides and after the first game of the season between the two sides Dynamo Supporter Groups were hit with sanctions due to ‘bad behavior’ which only deepened the bad feelings towards the team in Southern Oklahoma. To recap, the number of tickets available at Toyota Stadium to the SG’s have been cut for the next four games and they are barred from bringing "flags, banners, instruments or any other implements used to display their support of the team." While one of the three SG’s were responsible for the smoke bomb that was set off, all three are subjected to the sanctions. FC Dallas sent the notice informing the Dynamo of the sanctions, but according to Dallas the decision came from MLS. From the allegations themselves (throwing streamers, smoke bomb in the parking lot, chanting Fuck Dallas heh) to the way the entire situation was handled, bad feelings are at an all time high for fans in Orange.

El Capitan

You didn’t think we were going to make it through a whole preview without talking cannon, did you?

No rivalry game mention is complete without bringing up the replica 18th century mountain howitzer cannon. Currently residing in Houston, where it belongs, the cannon will take up residence of the series winner where it will stay until the other team takes it back through wins. El Capitan has spent most of its time hanging out in Houston like howitzer cannons do.


Where: Toyota Stadium in Frisco, TX

When: Wednesday, Aug 23, 2017

Kickoff: 7 pm CT