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Hurricane Harvey

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Writers Note: Updates will come at the bottom of the original article as more information is released. I’ll try to mention on twitter (@BigT_33) when updates are made.

The last week has been some of the hardest days the city of Houston and the entire Gulf Coast of Texas has ever endured. Officially one section of town received 51.88 inches of rain in 5 days. The most EVER in the Continental US. The city of Seattle, known for it’s large amounts of rainfall just hit 45 inches on the year.

Many words have been written about Harvey and the impact on the area. That’s not the point of this article. The point is for fans to unite together through the comments below and the links below to come together in this time of need. Sound off if you’re safe, if you could use some help, if you’re wanting to help, know of helpful links, etc.

In regards to the Dynamo and Dash, the Dynamo have a game at home on September 9th and the Dash’ next home game is September 23rd. I would be shocked if the Dynamo game is played at BBVA and I even give the Dash game a 50/50 chance of it happening at home.

BOTH teams are working together to have some sort of charity event. Possibly a current vs former player match or something similar. As soon as anything is announced it’ll be shared here on DT.

Some helpful links (I hope to update this list as information comes available, PLEASE share more links in the comments if you know of them! Information is extremely hard to come by right now.):

BBVA is a donation site, more information can be found here:

JJ Watt of the Houston Texans set up a fund to help out, original goal was $200k, it’s recently passed $5 million

Dynamo Supporter group the Texian Army has also set up a place to donate to help those affected by Harvey:

MLS did a great write up on how several supporters groups are coming together to help out. Check it out here.

This line isn’t for aid, it people VOLUNTEERING to help. #HoustonStrong

UPDATE #1: While historically Houston and Dallas have hated each other with a passion which is greater than all other rivalries on the planet (yeah I said it), FC Dallas has opened its doors to our men and women as mentioned on this post from the Mother Ship.

Similarly, the Dallas Cowboys opened their doors to the Houston Texans earlier this week, donated money to help us out to. Unlike that other “Dallas” team which tried to take advantage of the Astros...but I’m going with the high road on that one for now.

UPDATE #2: I added a link to the MLS article about the Supporter Groups coming together. Here is the same link for easy reference.

UPDATE #3: More from the supporters: “Hurricane Harvey is hitting the Texas coast hard. As a part of a growing US soccer family, the Dallas Beer Guardians, Texian Army, and 210 Alliance, have come together to raise donations. We may be enemies for 90 (or longer...), but we are all Texans for life. 100% of the profits will be donated to the American Red Cross of Central Texas.”