End of an Era

At the open practice this Saturday, my enjoyment was tempered by a slight regret. With Ricardo Clark not re-signing, the last link with the original Dynamo is gone. I remember anxiously waiting to hear that Houston was getting the former San Jose team, the exciting and surprising first game at the Rob, the playoff series with Dallas (the first time I lost my voice screaming), the two MLS Cups, the opening of BBVA - so many good memories.

Now I know it is the nature of sport teams (and life for that matter) that the old move on and the young take over. Watching Saturday, I am sure that these young men will carry on the Dynamo spirit in their own fresh and unique way and more good memories will be made. But, I will watch the first couple of games this season with a hint of sadness for the ending of an era.

Forever Orange.

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