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Promising Pungo Is Ready To Take The Next Step

Francisco Pungo is set to turn potential to production in Year 2 with RGVFC.

Francisco Pungo holds off a defender during the 2017 season.
Christian Inoferio

In the USL, there are two main categories of players: proven veterans and young players with potential. RGVFC forward Francisco Pungo was definitely the latter in 2017. When watching the teenager from Columbia, it was difficult not to imagine how great he could be if he reaches his full potential. He’s strong, has great pace, and is very naturally skilled on the ball.

Pungo mentioned in the off-season he trained physically and also worked on finishing the play, which should lead to scoring goals. He spent a lot of last season as the center forward, but new Toros manager Gerson Echeverry has been working him on the outside as well. His speed and power could give the club a dangerous wing presence.

He’s happy to be back in Rio Grande Valley this season, saying, “I am very happy and grateful to God for the opportunity.” Pungo adds that he loves the fact RGVFC gives him the opportunity to potentially sign with the first team Houston Dynamo as some of his former teammates have.

Playing his second season in the United States, he appreciates that his family back in Puerto Tejada, Cauca, a town in his native Columbia, can watch his matches live on YouTube. Away from the home cooking, his favorite restaurant in South Texas is Palenque Grill.

With the amount of raw ability he showcased last season, I predict Francisco Pungo will have a big season for RGVFC. Their season gets underway March 16th at home.