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Houston Dynamo reveal 2018 alternate jersey

Black and orange. Orange and black.

MLS Store

After dropping teasers for weeks on social media the Houston Dynamo have finally revealed their 2018 alternate kit.

The jersey, similar to the previous alternate, is predominantly black with tonal orange stripes on the front. The orange gradient consist of five different orange stripes, each a different shade of orange, with one primary stripe in the middle. The jersey also has an orange neck band as well as orange Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

The jersey continues to feature the Texas state flag on the lower left side as well as the team crest with two stars on the upper left chest. The MLS crest, Dynamo specific version, features on the sleeve. The Dynamo’s previous alternate jersey had a single orange stripe in a v-shape across the chest, state flag, and crest.

This year’s announcement included photos taken by local photographer Zach Alan. The photo shoot took place in various locations around Houston.

The jersey will be available at the Dynamo team Adidas store on Wednesday and if you can’t wait that long you can order it today from the MLS Store. Fans can choose to purchase either an authentic or replica jersey. The Women’s and Youth versions are only available in the replica style while Men’s sizing/fit is available in authentic, replica and long sleeve.

What do you think of the new Dynamo jersey? Will you be rushing out to get one? Tell us what you think in the comments!