Terrible experience

Saturday was one of the worst experiences I've ever had at a sporting event. Me and 4 others purchased dynamo tickets along with the bud light garden package that includes 2 free beers and a deal to buy crawfish at $5/lb or $20/5lbs. When we got to the bud light garden there were no signs to show us where it's at. Most of us are from Louisiana and I'm a huge dynamo fan. The event worker at the gate told us that we were at the wrong place and it was an Astros watch party. We proceeded to walk all around the stadium to find out where in fact it was the dynamo pregame bud light party. I asked at LEAST 8 workers in red shirts along with policemen who had NO IDEA where it was and could only refer other people. Even working vendors didn't know where it was because we checked the online map of the stadium and the map had the bud light garden in front of the ticket office and it was not in fact there. Then to find out it was actually where that worker told us specifically it was not was frustrating. Got signed in and went to get the crawfish that was a part of the package deal and the guy working it had no idea what I talking about and said he never agreed to those prices. When I tried to show him the email confirming the prices he went talk to management about the discrepancy. He refused to honor the deal that was a part of out ticket package! We waited another 15minutes and with no answer at that point didn't even have time to eat anyways so we had to go inside the stadium to catch the start and get in our seats. It was truly an underwhelming experience and I talked to some of the dynamo ticket office people there to bring it to their attention. It was only my 2nd dynamo game in person but i watch every dynamo on MLS live and i was hoping to bring several people who have never been to an MLS game and I wanted them to have an experience to remember. Some of who live in Houston and they claimed to not wanna go again even though they live in Houston. And we didn't get what was promised and I'm just frustrated at this point. I expected better from an organization of this magnitude.

A saddened fan,

Caleb Hebert

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