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Ruben Luna’s Ready For Life After RGVFC

After two seasons with the Toros, Ruben Luna has retired from soccer and began a new career.

Ruben Luna was always a hard worker for the Toros and will take that work ethic to the real estate industry.
Christian Inoferio

With the 2018 USL season underway, there’s a familiar face missing for RGVFC. After playing two seasons as the club’s primary striker, Ruben Luna has retired from soccer. I was able to catch up with Luna to discuss his soccer career, his love for RGVFC, and his next journey in life.

Dynamo Theory: You had a great career beginning with FC Dallas and a few different stops along the way. What are some of your fondest memories from your career?

Ruben Luna: I definitely remember my first MLS goal in San Jose, against the Earthquakes. I remember that one specifically because I was supposed to start and came off the bench and scored. Also: scoring vs. Tigres, getting called up to Mexico’s U 20 side, scoring four goals against Sporting KC in an MLS reserve match, leading the MLS reserve league in goals in 2011 (10 goals in 10 games) and being able to train at Sporting Lisbon because of that, and being the Academy Player of the Year in 2008.

DT: The final stop of your professional soccer career brought you to South Texas to play with RGVFC. How will you look back on your time with the Toros?

RL: I’m extremely thankful to the RGVFC organization. It was a place where I was able to play consistently and help the team get into the playoffs my first season there. Last year wasn’t what everyone expected of us. I was humbled to be given the captain’s armband along side Charlie (Ward). It was very disappointing for us to not make the playoffs, knowing the talent that we had in the team. We just couldn’t connect the group. I know the guys were committed as a whole. But, that’s soccer and we just need to turn the page. For me, that was the last page in this chapter. I’m proud and honored to have scored 11 goals for the Toros.

DT: You mentioned this being the last page in this chapter. What made you decide to officially retire from soccer?

RL: I was weighing some offers I had and I was close to leaving for Mexico again. But, I just decided my family comes first and it had been a lot of time away from them when I was in the Valley. If I was to leave Dallas again, it would have to be for something very serious and I did get a call from a team in Mexico. However, I wasn’t comfortable with the city to take my family with me and I wouldn’t leave without them.

DT: Now, you will take your talents to the real estate industry. Tell me about that decision and how you feel beginning your new career.

RL: Yes, I’m very excited to begin my career in Real Estate! I’m officially a licensed Realtor in the State of Texas! I’ll be in Dallas with my family but will be working all across the State. I’ve always liked real estate. I think it’s pretty special to finally be assisting people to reach their goals!

You can follow Ruben on Twitter and Instagram, @RubenLuna34. Personally, I can say Ruben was never anything less than 100% professional and courteous over my two years covering him. I wish him nothing but the best in his new career and know he will experience major success.