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Dynamo Tease New Black Jersey

What we know about the new jersey ahead of the February 5 release.

The Dynamo’s new kit will be revealed on February 5 in New York City at a MLS event. Houston Texans All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins will model the new jersey for the event. The Dynamo gave us a glimpse of the new look, to whet our whistles in the meantime.

What Do We Know?

The first thing we know is the Dynamo will be getting a new alternate, black jersey. MLS teams are rotating new jerseys each season and with the Dynamo getting a new orange shirt in 2019, 2020 will bring a new black shirt. The previous black jerseys the Dynamo have put out have been widely praised by fans, so the bar is high.

We also know that a number of MLS teams, possibly all of them, will be sporting the three shoulder stripes that are apparently meant to be a nod to the league’s 25th anniversary. Here are Seattle and Orlando’s leaks, showing the three stripes on the shoulder.

If every team does have the three stripes on the shoulder, you can expect the jersey to look like this template, a leak of Real Salt Lake’s jersey from Footy Headlines.

There’s not a whole lot else to take from this leak. We’re left to wonder, until February 5, what the new Dynamo shirt will look like. Are you excited to see a new black jersey and what else would you like to see on the shirt?