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New year, New ME

Even though I was only here for a short time I really enjoyed my stay.

MLS: LA Galaxy at Houston Dynamo Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Ni hao from Taipei, Taiwan. I just got to Asia and am currently loving the views, culture and all that Chinese Taipei has to offer. During my trip, I’ll also be heading to Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan, soon enough I’ll be the real Mr. Worldwide, sorry Pitbull. My next stop won’t be as international once I get back to the states, but will still be foreign to me as I will be packing up and moving to the east coast. With this move and the amount of traveling I will be doing, I unfortunately am going to have to step down as Managing Editor of Dynamo Theory.

MLS: LA Galaxy at Houston Dynamo Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

My day job is moving me to Pennsylvania where I will try to spread orange all over the Keystone state. No, I will not become a supporter of the Philadelphia Union, but I might have to check out Talen Energy Stadium while I am out there.

I will still contribute articles as I continue to watch my favorite MLS team. The next ME has already been hired and is a familiar face that I know will do an amazing job. I truly enjoyed my time as the Managing Editor, we grew the twitter page together, went through the Wilmer Cabrera firing together, went through DaMarcus Beasley’s retirement together, and like Beasley, I will go out proud of my team.