Who to root for?

Well, the Dynamo didn’t make the playoffs again. Sigh. So now who should I root for?

I want someone new to win MLS Cup, with one caveat. Sorry Toronto, Columbus, Kansas, Seattle, Portland, and Colorado - you’ve already won MLS Cup, time for someone new.

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia – Nope. You finally won something to put in the trophy case, although with an asterisk.

Orlando – Nope. You came so close in MLS Back tournament. Unfortunately your coach has a history of changing up the lineup during playoffs, usually with bad results.

NYFC – Nope. Never root for a NY team.

NY Red Bulls – Nope. See NYFC.

Nashville – YES. You aren’t sexy but I like the way you play.

New England – Nope. The eternal bridesmaid.

Montreal – Nope, but you’re my second choice.

Miami – Nope. If your team colors are pink – embrace it! Your jerseys look like warm up shirts.

Western Conference

Minnesota – Nope, though you are my second choice.

Dallas – Hell no.

LAFC – Never.

San Jose – YES. This is the caveat - I know Quakes 1.0 have won MLS Cup, but Quakes 2.0 haven’t. And if this is Wondo’s last season, I want him to leave on a high.

I want the final to be Nashville vs San Jose with San Jose winning on a Wondo goal.

Who will you be rooting for?

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