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New Dynamo Kits Debut In (Virtual) Game Action

The new kits for the Dynamo and the other 25 MLS teams are now available in FIFA 20.

After the Dynamo unveiled their new look for the 2020 season last week, you can now take to the field with the brand new black kit. Well, virtually at least. The new kits for the Dynamo, and all MLS teams, are now available in FIFA 20 for all you gamers out there.

The guys over at also put out a video showing all the new kits in MLS in the game. If you play FUT (like I do), you can buy the new Dynamo all black look and equip it on your team, or hope to find it in packs.

If you’re more of a career mode player, all the new MLS kits are available there as well, including the Dynamo’s black kit. 2020 expansion teams Nashville SC and Inter Miami are reportedly going to be added to the game this week as well.

So, fellow FIFA players, how do we feel about the new kit now that we’ve seen it in game?