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Who Is Your Favorite Dynamo Player of All Time?

Get your nominations in. We’re putting together a bracket.

REUTERS/Brett Gundlock

COVID-19 has suspended the MLS season. There have been no game previews, recaps, or features for us to write at Dynamo Theory. Quite frankly, I’m perfectly fine with that, safety and well-being of everyone should be the top priority. In the meantime, here at Dynamo Theory, we’re going to still work to bring you fun content.

For a lot of sports fans March is known as the month when the Madness takes place. The NCAA basketball tournament is an event people look forward to all year. Unfortunately, it was canceled this year in light of the virus. Following the lead of some other MLS sites at SB Nation, here at Dynamo Theory we are going to have our own “bracket” in March. We’re going to put together a bracket of your favorite Dynamo players of all time. But, we need your help. We may do 32 players, maybe 64, we’ll see, but we need you to send us your favorite players from the Dynamo, past and present, and we will begin setting up a bracket to determine the best of all time.

You can leave us a name or list of names in the comments below or send us a tweet. We’ll start compiling the names and put together a bracket in the coming days. So, have at it, and stay safe out there Dynamo fans!