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Jersey Week: The worst jersey the Dynamo and Dash have ever worn

For some reason, in 2013 the team decided to be Forever Reddish-Orange

Santos Laguna v Houston Dynamo - CONCACAF Champions League - Quarterfinals Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It’s Jersey Week here at SB Nation, and all this week we’ll be taking a look back at what the Dynamo have worn. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Today is time to just look at the flat out bad and ugly. Now I am not a fan of the current black hieroglyphic jerseys the Houston Dynamo are planning on sporting this year. The previous two black kits were so fire that I guess the powers that be figured they could do no wrong. Well, they did do wrong, a lot of wrong.

Deandre Hopkins being forced to unveil this jersey might be the real reason he requested out of Houston.

Even with a jersey that should be hung in the Museum of Optical Illusions, some fans actually liked them and rushed to sell out the team store. They are still black kits which at least looks good on the back. One jersey that no one can love, except for the likely fired designer, is the atrocious red kits of 2012-2013.

We should have known BBVA Stadium would give us more pain than pleasure when they decided this would be one of the jerseys the home team would wear during the inaugural season.

As far as the Houston Dash are concerned, they have had a near perfect record of quality jerseys except one:

Now these kits aren’t necessarily *bad*, they’re just not any good. These are the type of jerseys you would buy from Academy to supply for you daughter’s U8 youth team, not what you expect from a top flight NWSL club.

Luckily for us, both the Dynamo and the Dash have had more good jerseys than bad ones and we’ll continue to highlight other good jerseys throughout Jersey Week.