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Jersey Week: The first jersey I ever owned

Story time with Cristian

To finish of Jersey Week here at SB Nation, let’s get a little in touch with our feelings and rewind time to when we first put on our team’s colors.

People always say that you never forget your first love, so how is it possible one forgets that very first time they bought or was given that special jersey from the team that you love. The feeling of putting on those colors which welcomes you to a family of thousands and who knows maybe millions of people that look forward to proudly displaying that crest on their chest everywhere they go.

In my case I have two of those moments, one is the club of my father and before that his grandfather and before that his great grandfather. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of that tradition and love for those colors, the Azul y Oro, from the glorious Club Atletico Boca Juniors of Argentina. As a 3 year old little dude back in 1995 was when I received my first kit and my dad would proudly dress me up. I even have memories of wearing my Boca jersey to my first tryouts for my local neighborhood team. According to my imagination, wearing the jersey would give me superpowers and would make me play like my favorite players.

Young me wearing his first jersey, circa 1995.
Credit: My mom.

The one that knows me knows that when it comes to soccer, I happen to be a very loyal guy, making it always hard for me to have a “second team” to support or be a fan of. Obviously, I am a lover of good futbol which obviously leads to watching the UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores, World Cup Qualifiers and the World Cup but I always wanted a team to support in the local level, something close to home. Luckily for me, during my teenage years our great city of Houston announced that we were getting our own professional soccer team. Finally, a team the city could rally around.

Honestly speaking when I first started to follow the Houston Dynamo around 2012, (yes I know, kinda late but it was due to me having trouble committing to another team like I mentioned before) it was hard to accept the #ForeverOrange, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

New York Red Bulls v Houston Dynamo Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

After a few years of keeping an eye on the home team but not fully committing, 2016 came around and with that came a beautiful surprise for the Houston Dynamo fans, the great line of black and orange jerseys made its debut. It was THE perfect combination, I was ready to fully support the team and a beauty of a jersey I could buy myself and finally proudly sport the crest. (#PaintItBlack was a million bucks idea, IMO.)

MLS. New York Red Bulls Vs Houston Dynamo, Major League Soccer regular season match at Red Bull Aren Photo by Tim Clayton/TIM CLAYTON/Corbis via Getty Images

My collection now consisted of the black jersey displayed above, the one that was deemed the best Dynamo jersey by the people and by Dustyn on Monday (make sure you check out Monday’s article for more on that... and you might as well check all of the articles from Jersey Week), and the all black jersey worn in the preseason tournament that took place earlier this year. Finally the #FOREVERORANGE bug bit me and I got myself the 2015-2016 home jersey bringing my total to four.

Next in my agenda is to expand my closet and add some Houston Dash gear, where should I start on that?

Which was your first jersey and when did you get it? What is the story behind that jersey? What is your jersey count now? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media accounts.