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Houston Dynamo five-a-side draft: Team Albie

I drafted the greatest Dynamo five-a-side team ever. Come with me as I let you take a peak into the mindset of a master drafter.

SuperLiga 2008: Atlante FC vs Houston Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Last Monday, we posted the results of the Dynamo Theory five-a-side fantasy draft and the world was able to see my drafting prowess. Now it is time for me to explain how I was able to grab fice of the greatest players to ever put on the orange and why they would defeat any team put in front of them.

Draft Process

Knowing that I would have the last pick of the first round, I had to come in with a sound strategy. I wanted to make sure I drafted a goalkeeper first and foremost but considering I also had the first pick of the second round, I was also looking for best player available and low and behold legendary goal scorer Dwayne De Rosario had made it through to me. After the first round went by and noone grabbed a goalkeeper, I knew I’d have first pick at any goalkeeper I wanted and went with one of the best in MLS history, Pat Onstad. I then had to sit back while the rest of the second and third rounds went by till it got back to me to make back to back picks. I had my attacking midfielder and my goalkeeper but I needed guys that could defend as well as push the ball, so as women on Twitter say, “Get you a guy who can do both” and I did. I went ahead and drafted Corey Ashe and Geoff Cameron, two guys that are quality defenders but also know how to push the ball forward in the midfield. Finally, I had the final pick of the entire draft and I wanted to make sure I had someone who worse came to worse could put the ball in the back of the net. To my surprise, I was shocked to see Will Bruin still available, so I snagged him to sure up my five-a-side championship.

Dwayne De Rosario

I still can’t beieve I was able to grab Dwayne De Rosario, my favorite Houston Dynamo player ever but in my opinion the most talented player to ever play for the team. De Rosario has won four MLS Cups, including two with the Dynamo, won a US Open Cup, and a Gold Cup. Not to mention, he’s been named MVP and won the golden boot. He has total control when the ball is in his feet, is able to distribute the ball and is masterful when scoring. Arguably the greatest Canadian footballer ever, he most recently scored eight goals last season playing indoor soccer, so a five-a-side would be nothing for him. Not only would De Rosario lead the the team to this five-a-side championship, he’d be named MVP.

Pat Onstad

Why stop at one Canadian champion, when I can get two? Onstad was also around for the two Dynamo championships as well as another with the San Jose Earthquakes. Onstad also won a Gold Cup and was named MLS Goalkeeper of the year twice. Onstad had 64 shutouts and 698 saves, Onstad’s instincts, quickness and leadership would be essential in this competition.

Corey Ashe

To be on my team you have to be a champion and Ashe was also apart of the 2007 MLS Champion Dynamo team as well as winning a Gold Cup in 2013. Ashe is all speed which is essential in this competition. Ashe is one of the best defenders Houston ever had which explains why the front office kept him for eight seasons. In this scenario, Ashe will become Onstad’s best friend on the left side where he’s comfortablebut still have the speed and ability to push the ball forward to start any break.

Geoff Cameron

If I have Ashe on the left with speed, I’ll have Cameron on the right with size. At 6’3”, 185 lbs, noone is going to be able to push him around and his physicality will allow him to overpower any opposing forward. Not only that, Cameron is best known for his ability to operate in the midfield with his ball skills and athleticism. Cameron’s talent is off the charts and shone through he played in the premiership with Stoke City and though he’s the only player on my team to never have won a championship, he did help the Dynamo get to the MLS Cup in 2011 and helped bring the USMNT to the round of 16 in the World Cup.

Will Bruin

With 70 goals in his MLS career, Bruin will be the notable striker. Bruin also brings size to my team to match the finesse of De Rosario. Bruin has found a way to simply will the ball into the goal with his physicality and energy. Also an MLS champion, Bruin can bang with the biggest and baddest defenders and has carved himself a quality nine year career in the MLS.


This team is full of top level talent and diversity. Cameron and Bruin have the size to beat up on anyone while De Rosario and Ashe have the speed and finesse to blow by anyone. Not to mention I have the greatest goal scorer and goal keeper in Dynamo history. Also Ashe, Cameron, and De Rosario are known for playing multiple positions so in a five-a-side tournament where positions all blend together, those three will be used to it. Operating in the midfield will be another day at the office.


Can I say none? I don’t see many weakneses but if I have to say anything, I’ll say that Ashe and Cameron aren’t the most staunch defenders. Both guys’ strength is in turning defense to offense but if a team if consistently keeping the ball on our side, there could be some trouble. Way to solve that: Don’t have the ball consistently on our side. These guys know how to counter so I expect the counter to happen consistently.

As you all can see, Team Albie is the best team here and would win this and any five-a-side tournament. In the words of legendary coach Eric Tayor, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”