Dynamo Chief Marketing Officer Scallan

I haven't seen much reporting on this topic except from a site that I do not have a subscription to. This isn't a complaint about the CMO and her work. I'm all for new marketing ideas that will grow the value of the team. The CMO is looking to re-brand the Dynamo which may or may not include the following:

  • New team name
  • New team colors
  • New franchise structure (owner/s)

The idea is to bring the team closer to the community, and to create more awareness, and bring in more fans, and ultimately sell more season tickets.

Do you think there is a disconnection with the community now? We'll never get the Latin or Euro-centric futbol fans. And a name change will give them one more reason to put down our beloved Dynamo. Many people have long complained about the majority owner's unwillingness to spend money for big name players. I question whether a big international will even want to come to Houston. New York, Miami, and Los Angeles are the favorite places for big internationals.

I don't mean to come across as complaining. I want to have solutions. I want people to come up with ideas. I think the game experience needs improvement which will (or may) increase fan base and more season tickets. So, people need to stand up and cheer and sing songs and chant. How do we do that? People need to feel comfortable. It's too damn hot most of the season. Even the football stadium closes it's roof when the outside temperature is 72 degrees, why? People need an all-in one temperature that they can count on every single game. If 72 is too cold for them, they know to bring their team jacket. If people are comfortable, they are more willing to stand up. How do we get people to sing, cheer and chant? We need short, original, catchy, made for Dynamo team (or whatever the new name may be) chants. Ones that incorporate our history and Dynamo lore. I don't like that you can go to any team in MLS and hear the same "insert name here" chant or song imported from your favorite non-MLS team/league. I love the Forever Orange song. We should keep it (or with whatever our new color may be) but people didn't sing it; whether it was too hot or they were embarrassed and didn't want to be the only one. We need fans planted in nearly every populated section to lead coordinated chants and songs.

Our supporters groups are amazing. They are leading the way and they need help. Full disclosure, I am in a supporters group in name and dues only. I urge people to join and do more than I have. The younger fans will lead the way and I will follow.

Are my ideas unrealistic? Maybe. Are they impossible? No. All I ask is for new ideas to be expressed here. Any old complaint about owners or front office or players performance or lack of player spending should be expressed in another thread please. Consider this my addendum to the last member survey.

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