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Houston Dynamo FC re-sign Darwin Quintero

Houston Dynamo have re-signed veteran forward and the “scientist of goals” Darwin Quintero

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Houston Dynamo FC Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Dynamo FC announced that they have signed 34 year old Forward Darwin Quintero to a two year deal, with the second year being a club option, as first reported by Lester Gretsch.

The recent deal will keep Quintero with the Houston Dynamo through the 2022 season. Quintero played 20 games with the Dynamo last year, netting three goals and two assists on the year without seeing any significant changes to his minutes played. Quintero extends his time with the Dynamo after joining the team in the 2020 season.

The Colombian forward remains an important veteran presence on a team currently attempting to redefine itself with the new management, as well as a new coaching staff. The move allows the Dynamo to provide a sense of stability in a time in which everything else seems uncertain, bringing back a player who racked up over 1000 minutes played in the 2021 season.