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Houston Dynamo 2022 ins and outs: forwards

We look at the forwards on the roster and give our opinion on the chances they leave Houston this offseason.

MLS: LA Galaxy at Houston Dynamo FC Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 Houston Dynamo season has officially come to an end. While a number of teams around Major League Soccer are preparing for the playoffs, the Dynamo are getting a jump start on the offseason. The question on everyone’s mind is what personnel changes are coming to get the Dynamo back to a relevant MLS club fighting for playoff appearances and trophies. In the coming days we are going to go through the roster and use our best guesses and gut feelings to put a percentage on the chances that each player will be back next season. Today we take a look at the forwards.

Beto Avila

Dustyn: Avila earned a first team contract after a strong start to the season with Dynamo 2. He showed signs in his limited minutes with the Dynamo and could be a solid attacking piece for the future. Chances of leaving: 1%

Rudy: Beto started out with Houston Dynamo 2 and his performance made him the first MLS NEXT Pro player to get a pro contract with its MLS affiliate. Avila spent much of the regular season as a substitute for the first team but showed flashes of his skills. The kid has potential to be an exciting attacking piece for the club. Chances of leaving: 5%

Corey Baird

Dustyn: If you had Baird turning into a consistent offensive player by the end of the season, please collect your winnings at the window. Baird looked like a different player under Kenny Bundy. He will be 27 at the beginning of next season and the club has an option to bring him back next year. Is he worth giving another shot or does the club feel they can upgrade at wing? Chances of leaving: 50%

Rudy: Corey showed up in the starting lineup quite often all year. However, he found himself on the bench after underperforming in a long stretch of matches. Eventually, Baird came back into the team sheet and scored a few goals, especially after the departure of Paulo Nagamura. Corey does have an option on his contract but his high salary will likely see him on the open market. Chances of leaving: 90%

Thiago Fernandes

Dustyn: When the general manager comes out publicly and says your signing was a mistake, that doesn’t bode well for your future. Pat Onstad at least knows he messed up with the Thiago signing. His option to purchase from his loan will definitely not be exercised. Chances of leaving: 99.9%

Rudy: Unfortunately, Thiaguinho was not ready for MLS, heck he wasn’t even ready for MLS NEXT Pro. This one is on the general manager, not the player. Chances of leaving: 99%

Sebastian Ferreira

Dustyn: Sebas came in this season as the marquee Designated Player striker signing that fans have been calling for for years. Ferreira scored 13 goals in his first season in Major League Soccer and is showing flashes of the top tier player he can be. Chances of leaving: 0.1%

Rudy: Sebastian had himself a great year, even with the lack of service from the players around him. Ferreira scored 13 goals in his first season with the club. The Paraguayan is another fundamental piece for the Dynamo, however he needs players that can set him up for more scoring opportunities. Chances of leaving: 1%

Fafa Picault

Dustyn: Another winger with an option on his contract for next season, Fafa showed flashes of brilliance with his pace and dribbling ability but if this team is going to overhaul any position it’s going to be with the wide attackers. Fafa will be 32 at the start of the season, it feels like his time in Houston is up.. Chances of leaving: 75%

Rudy: Fafa came back as last year’s MVP and really wanted a longer extension and a new contract. Pat Onstad made a good call by not buying into it. Fafa just couldn’t break down defenses and help the players around him, especially Sebas. He will have plenty of suitors in free agency. Chances of leaving: 90%

Nelson Quiñones

Dustyn: We didn’t get to see a lot of Nelson this season but what we did see looked promising. He probably isn’t ready to step into a starting role in 2023 but more minutes and some starting opportunities next season should continue his development. Chances of leaving: 2%

Rudy: Nelson was brought in to get the team over the hump and push them into the playoffs. Yeah, that was never going to happen. However, the young Colombian looks to have tangibles that could potentially make him an exciting player to watch next season. Chances of leaving: 15%

Thorleifur Úlfarsson

Dustyn: The Dynamo haven’t hit on a lot of their high picks in the MLS SuperDraft but Thor looks like a keeper. Thor looked lost at times on the wing and his best role is probably as a backup number 9 to Sebas. Wherever he plays, there is going to be a place on the roster for the young Icelander next year. Chances of leaving: 5%

Rudy: The God of Thunder, Thor, was a heck of a pick up in the MLS SuperDraft. The kid came out guns blazing, and quickly won a place in the game day team sheet. Nagamura played him as a winger at times because he couldn’t find one in the roster (kinda sad), but Thor’s best position is as a 9 because he is a natural goal scorer. Chances of leaving: 10%