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Breakfast Links - October 9, 2022

Dynamo announce roster decisions, Olsen takes over in Houston, US announcing World Cup roster today, and much more.

Houston Dynamo FC

It’s Wednesday in the city of Houston which means it’s time for some links.


After what felt like months and months of waiting for the “benditas” roster options, they are here. Finally, Pat Onstad and his right hand man Asher Mendelsohn have made some decisions on how the Houston Dynamo FC will move forward for the 2023 MLS season. Read all about it here and hear all about on our latest episode of the official Dynamo Theory Podcast.

Not only did the Houston Dynamo announce some of the players staying, who's leaving, and who might have another chance at getting a contract, but we also have a name for the newest and ninth head coach, D.C. United legendary player and coach Ben Olson. Read all about the presentation here and get inside a little DgC perspective of the newest gaffer here to know what folks in DC say and think about Ben.

Major League Soccer/United States

As the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup approaches, many of the countries involved are taking this week to release their final list of the 26 players that will be part of the respective squads. Many countries have made their decisions, but here in the States we still wait for Gregg Belhalter to give the American people what they want, but the wait should be over by today and we should have the final list of the players that will represent the Stars and Stripes on the biggest stage in the world.

Around the World

Sadio Mane is the latest victim to injury to this terribly timed World Cup. The Senegalese striker joins a long list of starts that will miss this 2022 World Cup due to injury. Others include players like Giovani Lo Celso for Argentina, Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante for France, Timo Werner for Germany, Reece James for England, Jesus Corona for Mexico, and many more. It’s crazy to think that some leagues will still be playing this weekend, with the international event set to start about 10 days from today.

Sepp Blatter apologized for his decision to pick Qatar as the 2022 host. After years of corruption whispers and many words of criticism against Qatar due to some questionable practices in the set up of this event, the ex-FIFA president Blatter came out and made some statements about his regret on his decision for giving Qatar the bid to host a World Cup.

With that being said, let us not forget that in 2026 the World Cup is coming to Houston and we have to make help make Houston one of the best host cities this event has seen.

Hope y’all have a great hump day, and we’ll catch y'all in the next DT article or podcast episode!