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Dynamo 2sday: Behind the scenes of the DynaDos guys learning to play baseball

On this 2sday we recall some behind the scenes stories and fun from the Dynamo 2 guys training with the Sugar Land Space Cowboys.

Jacob Evans channeling his inner Verlander
Cristian Putallaz

Welcome, welcome. Tuesday is here again which means one thing and one thing only, it is Dynamo 2sday time, your weekly fix of the of future of this club.

Today we will talk about some of the fun stories that happened during the Houston Dynamo 2 visit to Constellation Field to have a cross training session with the Sugar Land Space Cowboys, the Houston Astros Triple A affiliate.

Captain Talen Maples, midfielders Jacob Evans and Paulo Lima , anddefender Mujeeb Murana made the trip down Highway 59 with their practice cleats, to meet pitchers Chad Donato and Shawn Dubin who were getting ready for a game that they had scheduled for that night. What better way to get loose than pitching to a few soccer dudes?

Guess which pair belongs to Maples?

First to take some swing in the batting cages was Talen. He showed to be very comfortable with the new sport (that apparently he had never played before, but no one believed him because he was hitting some bangers to the outfield). Maples was such a natural that at the end of his batting session he was asking if the Space Cowboys needed some batters for that night. A 10-day contract may or may not have been offered to Talen after the practice was done.

Talen Maples doing his best Altuve impression.

Next up to bat was Mujeeb Murana. The Missouri City native took a few hitting tips from his newly minted professional baseball player and backline mate Talen Maples and jumped straight into the fire. Sporting a really nice “713” chain, repping the H, Mujeeb stepped up to the plate and had a few good swings. He hit a couple of foul balls, some singles to right field, and eventually tumbled to the floor after stepping on a ball. If I’m not mistaken, VAR was called in for a possible red card review but the umpire didn't see the need for such measures and just waved it off as simulation by Jeebs.

Murana looking for a ref.

The cricket master was next. Jacob Evans stepped up to the plate and after some quick pointers of how to properly hold the bat, he also had some bangers under his sleeves. At this point under the 1000 degrees of the Texas sun, Maples decided that we was going to be pitching to his fellow “lad” as the boys called Jacob. Let’s just say that Evans’ left arm might have some bruises until this day from Maples pitching. It’s a good thing these guys are great with their feet, because with their hands, they need a little more practice.

Evans waiting for Maples to throw him a decent ball.

Lastly, and not least was the Portuguese man himself, Paulo Lima. Paulo still getting acclimated to American customs had to get some pointers from Chad and Shawn. The Space Cowboys showed him how to hold the bat properly, and the after hitting a a single to right field, he even had to be pointed toward first base because he didn't know which way to run. He ended his baseball career after hitting an absolute banger, a single to left field down the foul line. Paulo added a bat flip, as the greats do after hitting a bomb, as everyone on the sidelines laughed loudly at his confidence.

Lima getting instructions