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Behind the Orange Lenses: Darbi Lockridge

We continue our series taking a look at the driving force behind Houston soccer, the fans.

We continue our series of giving some of the spotlight to you, the fan. This fan is one that I have ran into and seen often at matches, but we had never exchanged words in person, including traveling to the first Texas Derby of 2022. Anyways let’s get to know today’s fan.

Name: Darbi Lockridge

Fan Since: 2014

Current Season Ticket Holder: Yes

Where are you originally from and what is your earliest memory of soccer?

Native Texan - I grew up in the Texas panhandle and relocated to the Houston area about 20 years ago. I first started watching soccer during the 2002 World Cup. I had a Portuguese roommate, and he taught me to love the game.

How did you became a Houston Dynamo fan?

I was an every-four-years fan for Portugal for a while, but when I met my husband, we decided to go all-in for all of the soccer. It brought our family together. We started attending Houston matches in 2014 and quickly realized we wanted to be with the supporters. We moved over there full-time in 2017 once the kiddo was old enough to handle the standing and singing for 90 minutes.

What is your favorite Houston Dynamo memory?

Crying like a baby after we won the Open Cup is probably a standout.

What did you think about Hector Herrera’s debut, did you attend the match or watch it at home? And what are you expecting from a player like him to bring to the club?

I had to watch the match from home because, Covid ruins everything, but I’ll be back in the section as soon as I’m not contagious. He’s here for a really specific reason that has nothing to do with the play on the pitch, and I hope that he does that job. We’re a soccer city with a professional club that can’t get a level of support from the thousands of fans in our market. As far as on the pitch, I hope that he can bring some leadership and experience that will help the entire squad. His clinical service is a legitimate joy to watch, but it’s not going to win us matches unless a lot of other things fall into place out there.

Houston has two Texas rivals in Major League Soccer. We know one has more history and the other is just getting started, but can you give us your perspective of the rivalries and what do they mean to you?

I’m an Aries so conflict is my favorite, and rivalries are one of my favorite things about soccer. I appreciate passionate fans and am always ready to defend my club. Especially as a team that has struggled with performance on the pitch, being a supporter regardless tells me something about a person’s loyalty and integrity. I’m always here for trash talk, but I’m also old enough and smart enough to know when someone’s crossing the line into disrespect and we’re going to have a harder time with a “friendly rivalry” if that’s the case.

Our hope is that you can put a name to a face in the crowd at PNC Stadium. That you would wear your orange gear with pride and make friendships catching the games at your favorite watering hole. And never forget to always Hold It Down and Keep It Forever Orange!