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Behind the Orange Lenses: David Frankfort

We continue our series taking a look at the driving force behind Houston soccer, the fans.

We continue our series of giving some of the spotlight to you, the fan. If you have ever been to a Dynamo match at PNC Stadium, surely, you’ve run into this fan. He is impossible to miss with the orange swagger he has. Funny enough, he sat right behind me last season before I moved my seats to the newly updated supporters’ section. Let’s get to know this Dynamic fan!

Name: David Frankfort

Fan Since: Year: 2006

Current Season Holder: Yes

Where are you originally from and what is your earliest memory of soccer?

I grew up in Belgium and played in the Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht academy as a youth player. Anderlecht is the most successful team in Belgium, winning the league a record 34 times. Honduran Andy Najar and American Sasha Kljestan are a few of the MLS stars who have played for the team.

Tell us a little bit about how you became the Houston Dynamo fan you are today and the story behind the fuzzy orange hat?

I grew up loving soccer and when it was announced that Houston was getting a professional soccer team, I jumped right in to get tickets to see the home team.

Here is the story behind the orange hat and kilt:

The kilt came about in the early years of the Houston Dynamo for some of our coaches (Dominic Kinnear and John Spencer) and players (Paul Dalglish and Stuart Holden). Therefore, my tailgating group, which was composed of 3 separate groups in 2007, got together and decided to design and register a Scottish tartan with the help of a Virginia Tech professor in textile engineering. Once the material was created, the only thing left was to obviously make a kilt.

The orange hat was something I found in 2006 and wore it at the first MLS Cup that the Dynamo won against the New England Revolution in Frisco, TX. I was shopping for decorations for a party at Frankel’s Costume Company in EaDo, and a bright orange hat caught my attention along with a matching orange boa (but that was too hot to wear in our Houston heat). My friends told me the hat looked good on me and later I went back and purchased a few more hats to have. During a season ticket renewal campaign a few years back, you could spot me and a few other Dynamo fans in billboards all over the city and in the stadium as well. Sadly, I am currently on the last hat as both Frankel’s Costume Company and the manufacturer closed down. I will most likely will be wearing a new type of hat in the near future, unless I get lucky and find the hat again. The look has made me easily recognizable because, apart from being a tall man, the orange hat is one of a kind. Traveling all over the US and Canada, the orange hat stands out everywhere I go.

What is your favorite Houston Dynamo memory and why?

As a long-time fan I have several amazing memories with this club. However, the ones that stand out are the time we caravanned from Gallery Furniture to Frisco for the first MLS Cup, being able to attend all 4 MLS Cup Finals that the Houston Dynamo have played in with friends, and tailgating in the parking lot before the games.

What are your thoughts on this new era of Houston Dynamo soccer? Are you excited about the new front office and the direction the club is headed? Is there anything you’d like to see them do as far as facility renovations or additional pieces to the squad?

I am extremely excited that money is being spent towards quality players to improve the squad, as well as much needed improvements to the stadium, which should enhance the casual fan experience. Now, when you say front office, my mind separates them into two sides, an operations and administrative side, and the technical side under Pat Onstad.

On the operations and administrative side, there were some poor decisions made in recent years. The Dynamo let go of many long-time staff members who were great at their job. As an example, in the last 2 years I have had 4 customer service representatives.

We used to meet with front office staff to provide input and they would also invite a research company to get input from us. We also used to have an awards banquet and open practices open to season ticket holders (not just premium members). I feel they have lost the close relationships with the long-time season ticket holders to focus more on premium season ticket holders. I like the new relationship with the supporters (Hustle Town). I could go on and on…all I ask of the front office it to listen and meet the season ticket holders.

As far as renovations or additional pieces to the squad? I would like to see two position upgrades or acquisitions, an attacking midfielder and a winger that scores goals. On the technical side, having two people help with recruiting, academy development, and player management is great. I remember Dominic Kinnear in the old days would have all those roles under his belt.

I am happy to see Dynamo 2 as I missed attending the reserve games and seeing younger player develop and move to the top team. Being able to keep players and not trade guys like Chris Wondolowski away, and the increase in Academy development is big for the club.

For our coaching staff, I would like to see an attacking minded coach as an assistant because with 3 former goalkeepers we are missing that knowledge. The team has improved in some ways, but the standings don’t show it yet. It will take time and I am excited to see where it takes us.

How excited are you knowing that Houston will be a host city for the 2026 World Cup?

I am very excited to be able to possibly attend games in Houston and Dallas. Hopefully I can see the Belgium Red Devils play again in the States.

Our hope is that you can put a name to a face in the crowd at PNC Stadium. That you would wear your orange gear with pride and make friendships catching the games at your favorite watering hole. And never forget to always Hold It Down and Keep It Forever Orange!