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Houston Dash working to sign Japanese International player

The Houston Dash are working hard to complete a deal which would bring the first Japanese International player to the NWSL. Stay tuned!

Atsushi Tomura

Tuesday night team president Chris Canetti told CSN Houston's Dynamo All Access the team is close to signing a Japanese international player.

'We're also about to sign another intl player; breaking lots of news on your show here today. A Japanese international.' Canetti said 'Hopefully, we're just about to ink that. Hopefully that can come through. When she signs that'll make 19 players on a 20 player roster. So, we're almost a finished product, now, we'll have to see what happens as we come into camp with all these players and if they stick.'

Canetti didn't go so far as to say who the player is, but regardless she will be the first Japanese international in NWSL. And it wouldn't be surprising if it was someone the likes of Homare Sawa the captain of the Japanese women's national football team. The biggest obstacle of bringing in a player like Sawa is the low wages of the NWSL which range from $6,000 to $30,000.