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Noyola, Romero called up for MEXWNT CONCACAF Qualifiers

Dash defender and midfielder named to 20-player roster.

Jen Fuller

Mexico released their 20-player roster Thursday morning for the upcoming Women's World Cup qualifiers, with Dash defender Ari Romero and midfielder Teresa Noyola both receiving call-ups.

Noyola scored three goals for the Dash during the 2014 season before being sidelined with an injury. Romero played in 17 games for the Dash and proved to be valuable for Houston's often-shaky defense.

Drawn in Group B, the team will face Costa Rica, Martinique and Jamaica during Qualifiers, with the first game against Costa Rica at 8:30PM EST, October 6th in Kansas City.

Complete Roster:

Name                                      Position

Cecilia Santiago Cisneros     Goalkeeper

Arianna Tellez Romero           Defender

Sierra Bianca Garcia               Defender

Alina Garciamendez Rowold  Defender

Paulina Solis Echeverría         Defender

Liliana Fuentes Market           Midfield

Nayeli Rangel Hernandez       Midfield

Teresa Noyola Bayardo          Midfield

Charlyn Corral Ang                 Forward

Stephany Mayor Gutierrez     Forward

Monica Ocampo Medina        Forward

Pamela Tajonar Alonso        Goalkeeper

Kenti Robles Salas                   Defender

Monica Alvarado Rodriguez   Defender

Christina Murillo Ruíz             Defender

Karla Castillo Nieto                 Midfield

Veronica Perez Murillo           Forward

Dinora Garza Rodriguez         Midfield

Tanya Ruiz Samarzich             Forward

Luz Duarte Moroyoqui            Forward