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MLS Fantasy

Weekly 'what you should do's' with your fantasy team from our expert.

Round 31 - DGW's, International Call-ups

Staying hopeful of the Dynamo's playoff chances? This week in MLS Fantasy will test your loyalty. The Dynamo get no favors with a full TFC squad for Wednesday and no Garcia or Garrido thanks to the Honduran National Team.

Garcia and the Dynamo impress in round 29.

Garcia, Sarkodie highlighted a strong Dynamo showing in round 29 of MLS Fantasy. We look back at some key moments from the Dynamo's 2-0 win over the Chicago Fire with a fantasy perspective, and look ahead to round 30.

Fantasy MLS: Sleepless in Seattle

There's only one team with two games this week, but the Seattle Sounders have their work cut out for them.

Fantasy MLS: Week 28 Matchups

Since this is a rare week with no mid-week games, we're going to take a closer look at the matchups ahead of this round's fixtures.

Fantasy MLS: Going out with a Bang

Several players are on fire right now -- make sure you pick them up before they cool down!

Fantasy MLS: Call-ups, Injuries, and Suspensions

With another transfer deadline looming tonight, fantasy scheduling proves tricky this week with call-ups, suspensions, and injuries.

Fantasy MLS: Three Stacks of High Society

Last week's double-game week provided plenty of mega-scoring opportunities, but at a high price. Could you afford it?

Fantasy MLS: Going with the Pack?

The Round 24 transfer window is tonight at 8:00 PM. If you have not figured out who you're going to drop or bring in, then going with the pack may not be a bad call.

Fantasy MLS: Embracing Hot Commodities for Week 23

Find out which players other Fantasy MLS managers are targeting for the upcoming game week.

Fantasy MLS: Clean Sheets are Meant to be Bruined

Only nine of the 26 possible clean sheets were converted in Round 21. More players are focusing on the attackers in Fantasy MLS, but should they?

MLS Fantasy: Matches, Matches, and more Matches

No rest for the weary Fantasy MLS manager in THIS league -- Round 20 ended on Monday, and Round 21 kicks off this evening at 6PM Central! Are you ready?

Fantasy MLS: In-Form Players For Round 20

Fantasy MLS round 20 starts on Wednesday. Are you ready?

Fantasy MLS: Midweek Madness

Eight teams have two games in this Fantasy MLS round... which ones have the best chance of scoring points?

Fantasy MLS - Back from Brazil

Several key players from the 2014 World Cup have returned to MLS and double-game weeks abound -- do you know who you want to transfer in over the next few rounds??

Fantasy MLS: Last Day for Unlimited Transfers

Today is the last day for unlimited free transfers in Fantasy MLS. Are you ready?

Fantasy MLS: World Cup Break Edition

Who are the hot Fantasy MLS transfers in this week during the World Cup?

Fantasy MLS: Maximizing the Free Transfer Market

Increase your Fantasy MLS pocketbooks and team potential by taking advantage of the free transfer rounds!

Fantasy MLS Week 15: Only Two Matches?

With only two MLS matches in Round 15, who do you choose from each of the four teams to fill out your 11-man roster?

Fantasy MLS: Top Picks for Round 14

Fantasy MLS: Who should be on your radar for the double-game week in Round 14?

Fantasy MLS: Bargain Players for Weeks 12-13

This week in Fantasy MLS, we break down the best budget options for Weeks 12 and 13.

Fantasy MLS - World Cup preparations

Make the most of the Fantasy MLS free transfer window to prepare your soon-to-be national player-less team for Weeks 11-14!

Fantasy MLS: Key Players and Key Stats for Week 10

Key double-game week players, cherry-picked and put on display for your viewing pleasure. If you haven't decided on who to bring in this week, look no further!

MLS Fantasy 2013: Top 5 defenders & league update

Where we examine the top 5 fantasy defenders and give you the fantasy league update. Brag and boast in the comments!

Dynamo Theory Fantasy 2013 - Who's the best?

Dynamo Theory is running a MLS Fantasy league this year over on, and we take a look at the leaderboard and break down the top three keepers through round 8.

MLS Fantasy - Liga Teoría de Dynamo has begun!

The Dynamo Theory MLS Soccer Fantasy League has begun. There's talk of prizes for the winner(s). Also, we dive into the top 10 of the fantasy league and point out how some teams are faring.


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