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Dynamo Theory Podcast

The official Dynamo Theory podcast.

Dynamo Theory Podcast - Episode 54: Lundy to Austin, a true culture shift, new stadium name, and more!

The guys are back to discuss all the happenings around the Dynamo including roster moves and a new stadium name.

Dynamo Theory Podcast - Special Episode: El Batallon

We got to chat with Mannie, senior leadership council member of El Batallon. We get to know who they are, what they stand for, what to expect as an EB member, and how to join!

Dynamo Theory Podcast - Episode 53: Dynamo kick off preseason, transfers, club outlook, and more!

The guys discuss the start of preseason, transfers, the club outlook, and much more!

Dynamo Theory Podcast - Special Episode: The Surge

We talk to Sergio and Jeff from The Surge to find out more about the Supporters’ Group.

Dynamo Theory Podcast - Episode 52: Dash hire a coach, Dynamo roster moves, & our favorite moments of 2022

The guys discuss the hiring of Sam Laity, the Dynamo offseason so far, and look back at memorable moments in 2022.